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An online party game centered around microgames and doing them better than any rivals in your game.


MicroWorks lumps players together into the Nexus - a central hub comprised of small game towers, where players compete against each other in a series of fast paced microgames designed to challenge your reaction times.

Earn points and climb the scoreboard by successfully performing microgames faster and better than your opponents. Smash objects, jump over laser beams, run through obstacle courses, solve trivia questions, grab a crab - microgames are aplenty in our game of chaos.

Every game ends in a boss stage - a longer and more involved minigame, taking place in its own unique & custom designed stage. Farm score in a last-ditch effort to shift the tides of war and come out on top at the end!

Ghost hunting, kart racing, and even wild west standoffs are only some examples from our diverse pool of options.

  • An abundance of microgames, with nearly 150 different ways to be tested in the Nexus!
  • 15 boss stages.
  • Multiple gamemodes (along with team variants) such as Scorematch, where players compete to get the highest score, or Survival, where failure means death, and the last player standing wins.
  • Modifiers are selected at random per game to shake things up in ridiculous ways.
  • Up to 16 players in a server, as well as the ability to play alone.
  • Customize your player character with your own colors and workshop cosmetics - speaking of which:
  • In-Game Editor for cosmetics, and exposed scripting interface for custom microgames.
  • Mutators allow you to change almost every setting of your game, including the microgame rotation! Hate a specific microgame? Just exclude it from the match.
  • Steam Integration: Stats, Leaderboards & Achievements offer vast replay value.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where will the game be released?
We're releasing MicroWorks on Steam for PCs.
When will the game be released?
MicroWorks is coming out on September 2nd, 2022!
Will there be any microtransactions?
No. You'll get all of the available content on purchase, alongside with the ability to extend your game with custom cosmetics and extra mods via Steam's Workshop.
This is a multiplayer game, but can I play it alone?
While MicroWorks is designed with multiplayer in mind, you can play it alone just fine, given that you're still connected to Steam's servers.

If you've got a question left unanswered, feel free to ask us either through our twitter or our e-mail

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