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MicroWorks is a fast-paced online party game centered around microgames - small tasks with very minimal time to complete. Players are lumped together in the nexus tower, where they compete against each other to climb the scoreboard and emerge victorious with the highest score by the end of the game. Score is earned by successfully performing microgames - smash an object, jump over laser beams, reach the other end of an obstacle course, solve a math equation - throw a watermelon at your opponents? The list is long, and the faster you do them, the higher your awarded score will be! But fail to perform them, and you won’t be awarded any at all. Before each game ends, players must face one final “Boss Stage” - a bigger game worth bigger points. MicroWorks is fast without pause - microgames will keep coming at you consecutively as they become increasingly faster with each one. Keep up with the tempo and outplay your opponents to win!


MicroWorks is the product of two long time modders, Noam "noam 2000" Rubin and Kacper "prefetcher" Staroń. Inspired by Noam's "Serious Ware" mod for Serious Sam 3: BFE (which got really popular within the Serious Sam modding community), which in turn was inspired by mods like TF2Ware for Team Fortress 2 and games like Nintendo's WarioWare, they've decided to finally try their hands at actual game development. MicroWorks aspires to be much better and more polish than its modding predecessor.


  • Over 50 microgames, each with different variations - totalling in over 200 ways to be tested on the tower!
  • At least 15 boss stages.
  • Multiple gamemodes (along with team variants) such as Scorematch, where players compete to get the highest score, or Survival, where failure means death, and the last player standing wins.
  • Up to 16 players in a server, as well as the ability to play alone.
  • Mutators allowing you to change almost every setting of your game, including the microgame rotation! Hate that one unbalanced microgame that everyone keeps losing to? Just exclude it from the match.
  • Workshop support for cosmetics and custom microgames.
  • More and more to come..


Gameplay Demo YouTube

Gameplay Trailer #2 YouTube

Gameplay Trailer #1 YouTube

Teaser Trailer YouTube


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We’re a small indie development group comprised of long time modders looking to make the leap into game development and create the kind of games we want to make.

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MicroWorks Credits

Noam "noam 2000" Rubin
Project Lead, Producer, Game & Level Design

Kacper "prefetcher" Staroń
Lead Developer

Robert Munday
Freelance, Animation

Tobias Brinke
Freelance, Music Composition

Alison Moore
Freelance, Music Composition

Ben Douglas-Almond
Freelance, Sound Design

Diego Pinto
Freelance, Sound Design

Caio Filioza
Freelance, 3D Artist

Aleksandar Fodor
Freelance, 3D Artist

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